Kissimmee: Where Showtime is Always on the Menu! Explore where to see top live shows, bands, local live music acts, stand-up comedians, and more.  

Everyone is aware that there is no replacement for experiencing live entertainment firsthand. The atmosphere is unparalleled. Music, dance, and comedy always become more enjoyable when you go out with your friends. 

If you find yourself in Kissimmee, you’ll discover endless options for live entertainment.  We thought sharing a few of our favorites with you could be exciting. Exploring Downtown Kissimmee is more of an adventure than a destination. 

Neighborhood of this downtown, nestled between the charm of Old Florida and the enchantment of adjacent theme parks. This place provides a range of live entertainment alternatives that will get your family up out of their seats and on the dance floor, or at least on the move! 

Enjoy a musical journey through the live entertainment options offered in Downtown Kissimmee. 

3 Places to Watch Live Entertainment in Kissimmee 

1. Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ

At Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ, the best place for barbecue in the center of Downtown Kissimmee, be ready for an amazing experience. “Big John” Glover has been providing delicious homestyled, slow-smoked barbecue that will make your taste buds dance since 2015. Their menu is a symphony of smokey tastes, featuring everything from luscious brisket to savory pulled pork sandwiches and tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs.

Big John’s is unique for more reasons than just its cuisine, though. They bring their family flavors to Kissimmee. Their spacious outdoor porch will turn into a stage, infusing the night air with mellow blues sounds or classic rock jams. It’s located immediately across from Kissimmee Lakefront Park. Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ will become a must-visit pit stop for your family to have a rockin’ good time with live music performances every weekend. 

2. 2 Brother’s Steak House